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Privacy Policy of Areas

Hakuba Happo-One Privacy Policy of Areas (as of 2018.11 month)

Happo area map

Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort Terms of Use

  1. no-go zone

    We prohibit entrance to the skiing area management area outside listed in "Hakuba Happo-One Privacy Policy of Areas". In addition, we cannot enter no-go zone and course closed down even if in skiing area management area. Ask ski patrol and employee if you have any questions about management area boundary line and no-go zone.

  2. Particularly designated area "back black" (back black) "rice ball" (rice ball)

    Designation area becomes area of super senior-limited especially. Run that upper gate is released is possible.

  3. Responsibility about skiing area management no-go zone out of the area

    About accident occurrence in skiing area management no-go zone out of the area, skiing area manager does not take all responsibility. In addition, the expense concerned is charged to the person concerned when we search for accident occurrence and rescue.

  4. Duty of user

    For all skiing area users, we check tool of skiing area manager and obeying instructions of patrol and self regardless of the skiing area management area inside and outside and ascertain the topography, structure, Trail Conditions and demand safe run that does not endanger others.

  5. About mountain climbing and mountains ski

    Person doing winter mountain mountain climbing and mountains skiing reports mountain climbing plan place established beforehand by related organizations, and please climb from skiing area upper part starting point of a mountain climb.
    Customer enjoying backcountry look at Here

  6. We are prohibited from induction of snowslide by short cut of forest road course and run out of the slope
  7. We prohibit flights such as drones. But, only for thing admitted in our skiing area, we admit flight.
  8. About safety management of our skiing area, we follow "Snow sports safety standards" that national ski safety measures meeting determines.

In our skiing area, we cannot take responsibility for accident by disregard, contempt of this notice and action rule of skiing area.
※As forest road course is narrow, please be careful about jumping out, slipping down to the course outside by speeding and operation error.

When you cannot look after these terms, I decline the use promptly. Please note that you do not perform return of rate regardless of reason on this occasion.

Hakuba rule (as of 2018.11 month)

Hakuba rule

This rule is local formula rule that was made to enjoy winter sports safely.

  1. Snowslide flows in slope, and invasion to "no-go zone" leads to serious accident. We prohibit invasion for any reason. Please leave in one which confiscates lift ticket when we meet of violation. ※Patrol of trail of no-go zone slipped for safe check.
  2. Other than course, never entering in no-go zone that it is closed down, obey instructions of signboard, mark, person in charge, skiing area patrol.
  3. It is inherent forest or village existence forest, and the area outside is national park. The area outside is not managed by skiing area.
  4. When accident occurs out of area, and search rescue operation is carried out, the actual expenses that related organizations set of the person concerned are demanded.
    About expense for search, rescue operation in skiing area management no-go zone out of the area
  5. Regardless of the skiing area area inside and outside, Hakuba rule demands that all users obey skiing area patrol and support of related organizations.
  6. Hakuba rule always demands consideration to security and enough understanding for person of run.

About rule of skiing area management area and usage

Hike up of skiing area management area might collide with person of run. You purchase lift ticket by all means, and please use lift. In addition, we perform slope maintenance by snowmobile after skiing area business Out of Service during until the next morning and are very in danger. Please refrain from entrance to night skiing area management area.