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Useful Information

Happo Information Center (JNTO authorized foreign bureau) / Hakuba Happo bus terminal

Happo Information Center

It is at entrance of Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort.
It is general bureau which performs lift ticket, bus ticket, goods sale.
We establish cafe Happo this season in facility.

[facility guidance]
Locker room, locker, the coin-type Internet, public telephone (international call correspondence), Hachijuni Bank ATM, restroom (for man and woman and person with a physical disability)

Inquiry: TEL 0261-72-3066

Detailed information for Happo Information Center is Here

Usagidaira terrace information center

Usagidaira terrace information center

It is the information desk of Usagidaira terrace on the first floor. In the case of lost article, please refer to Here.

Inquiry: TEL 0261-72-2258

Happo-One Tourism Association

Happo-One Tourism Association

It is sightseeing, accommodation information page of Hakuba, Nagano Happo-One. Come to Hakuba Happo-One which seasonal Nature charms by all means.

Inquiry: TEL 0261-85-2870 (tourist association Division)

Detailed information for Happo-One Tourism Association is Here