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Sakka Slope which is reliable from adult to child

Sakka debut ticket

Sakka debut ticket

If it is slope & lift debut, "Sakka debut ticket" is recommended.
・We want to practice in gentle slope!
・We are slightly still anxious about the top…
It is ticket which is good to such one.
We can fully slip on area expansion in discount this season to Kitaone plateau!
Return enjoys forest road course easily if we thoroughly enjoy Hakuba Miyama of superb view!

Please confirm area targeted for Sakka debut ticket from Here

◎Sakka debut ticket
(Sakka Kitaone Quad lift, Sakka No.2 Pair, Sakka No.3 Triple-limited)
Adult 3,500 yen child 1,500 yen
※"Sakka kids park" is inapplicable

Kids park

Sakka kids park

First Japanese "step-up type kids park" is born in Sakka Slope! We respond from place in boots to slope run for the first time! Is more fun by uneasy ski debut; for security.

The details of kids park are Here

Kids school

Kids school

We begin, and even child in ski is ski school of relief.

The details of kids school Here (Hakuba Happo-One ski school)

◎Ski Children's Day
On No.3 Sunday (2018 12/16, 2019 1/20, 2/17, 3/17, 4/21) from December through April, lift child rate is free! Furthermore, on No.3 Sunday of from January to March, kids school is at half price.

Day care facility puresukurumamu club (Snow plaza Sakka)

Day care facility puresukurumamu club

It is day care facility needing reservations of exclusive duty staff permanent residence.
Leave it to me in peace.

Rate: It varies according to age
Age: Three months - 9 years old
Seating capacity: 18 (by appointment only)
Reservation, inquiry:
mamu club TEL: 03-3421-6106 / 0261-85-0356

The details of day care facility puresukurumamu club are Here

Kids space

Kids space

Small child offered reliable kids space in Snow plaza Sakka, Yeti in Usagidaira terrace, too.

Parking lot for Family users in Sakka Slope

Parking lot for Family users in Sakka Slope

Parking lot for Family users comes up in Hakuba Happo-One, Sakka Slope! Kids park offered parking space for exclusive use of family in No.8 parking lot of a certain Sakka Slope, too. Only for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays need reservations, and become limited to ten.

... great as for walking with board of whole family to slope. Such daddy mom will enjoy Happo-One in families using slope direct connection parking lot of relief, too!

The details, reservation of Parking lot for Family users in Sakka Slope is Here