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2018-2019 "Happo members" are Here

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What are Happo members?

Happo members are membership systems that even anyone can register one where Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort which was born in last season (2017-2018) comes over to with.
When we join membership,
・To acquire advantageous coupon.
・We can win the points every visit and present daily lift ticket when we accumulate constant number of times point.
・In members loving Happo, we hold clean up event of skiing area.
It becomes advantageous membership that slipping person must see nadonado, Happo.

One that has been already registered

To login screen

※About system renewal, please register one registered with member again last year

One accessed with smartphone, please tap lower cord.


Happo members registration method

Registration method can easily perform 2 steps.

1.We read lower QR cord with smartphone.

One accessed with smartphone, please tap cord.


2.You input e-mail address, and please tap URL listed in email replied to in the address automatically.

※When automatic reply email does not arrive, please confirm whether e-mail address is not wrong. In addition, we hope to appoint domain called "" when we are set for unwanted e-mail prevention, and to receive.

You are member of Happo members in this, too.
Please enjoy a time in Hakuba Happo-One in heart line bears.


Use of coupon

As coupon is displayed when we log in, you provide the screen, and please show to facility person in charge.

Members replacement image
※We hope that we do not tap button "using" by oneself of member. We cannot use coupon.
※Image is image. Contents of coupon are changed at any time by time.

Point system

We can win the points just to read QR code than monitor installed in each rest house (Usagidaira terrace sun terrace panorama, cafeteria Kurobishi, Kitaone plateau terrace) in slope halfway up a mountain. (to once a day)
※We may take special measures at the time of suspension.

Point acquisition facility becomes Here.


About member-limited event

Member-limited event is planning now.
As we guide toward the member as soon as we are selected, please wait for pleasure.


  • Person who purchased ticket in season, please use different point system.                  Ticket point program is Here in season
  • Registration to members becomes only smartphone (iPhone, Android).
    Please note that you are not available by feature fonds, PC browser.
    (unexpected malfunction and error may happen.)
  • Oneself of member is for the use of members coupon. At the time of point program privilege exchange, the presentation of identification card understanding name and address is necessary. In addition, please note that the staff may ask for the presentation of identification card by the use situation.
  • Transferring is not good at the point that we collected in the next season. Thank you for your understanding.