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Campaign to be able to purchase ski-lift fare at Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort at reduced prices only in 19 years old, 20-year-old one "SNOW MAGIC 19 "SNOW MAGIC We are carrying out 20.

Perform downloading (subscribe) of free application; and is GO to slope!

  • Object: 19 years old (one where was born in - 2000/ April 1, 1999 on 1999/ April 2, 1999)
  • Sakka debut ticket 3,500 yen
  • Free of charge
  • Object: 20 years old (one where was born in - 1999/ April 1, 1999 on 1998/ April 2, 1998)
  • Adult 1-day ticket 5,200 yen
  • 4,200 yen


  1. Please download "true ☆ part application" with your smartphone.

  2. "SNOW MAGIC" You participate in this, and let me display coupon.

    For more details, it is Here
  3. With the original of identification of next social position to skiing area

    ・Student identification card (as for the thing without the date of birth, impossible) with photograph of the face
    ・Driver's license (as for the temporary driver's license, possible)
    ・International student identification card (effective only for thing with mention on the date of birth)
    ・Disability certificate (nursing notebook)
    ・My number card with photograph of the face
For more details, "SNOW MAGIC" Please confirm on website.